Paper Angels

A sweet, easy Christmas craft activity for all ages.

Click below to download the template then have some fun cutting, pasting and creating!

Print out our paper angel template. Cut her out of soft card, then cut out her dress and wings in patterned paper. Slip the front of the dress under her arms and wrap the dress around her body, then stick or staple it down.

Press the front of her bodice down flat and let her skirt flare out. Glue her hair onto the front and back of her head and then glue on her wings. Draw her face on with a pencil.

Stop here or go on to give her something to hold, flowers, a heart, a star or a small present? Just bend her arms in to hold it

This is such a sweet, easy and creative Christmas craft activity – you can keep her decorations really simple or bring out the sequin stickers and let the kids go crazy. You could grab your watercolours and paint her if you make her out of plain paper. A hole punch can make a pretty scalloped edge to her